Eric Kullberg

  • Eric Kullberg is a Co-Founder and General Partner of CreatorLed Ventures. CreatorLed is a new kind of venture capital. With an LP base of the world’s top influencers, we have unparalleled insight into the creator market and can help founders navigate the fastest-growing customer acquisition channel in the digital space. We’re utilizing our unparalleled network of 100M+ consumers to create highly-effective go-to-market strategies that optimize customer acquisition cost. Investors and creators gain access to best-in-class private deals with companies who have a distinct marketing advantage at start-up, while founders receive unparalleled access to top creators and global financial leaders. At CreatorLed, we’re on a mission to bridge the gap in venture capital, utilizing the new age of influencer marketing to fuel our investments. Company: CreatorLed Ventures Website: http://www.creatorled.vc/
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