Dan Mace

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Dan Mace is a young creative and visionary Film Director, Youtuber and the founder of JOE Films in Cape Town. Over his 10-year career behind the camera, he has directed over 100 commercials, music videos, documentaries and short films spanning across four continents.

Having joined YouTube in 2011, he has grown an audience of over 783,000 subscribers and has amounted over 35 Million views of his films.


Day 3 – Saturday, March 19
March 19, 2022
10:00 am

[Keynote] How To Pay The Bills Without Selling Out?

Main Ballroom
19 March
Time:  10:00 am - 10:20 am
Location:  Main Ballroom
Speaker:  Dan Mace

10:00 – 10:20 am

Dan Mace | 1.3M Followers

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